SoulCollage®: Warrior

Committee - Fights Back

I am one who defends myself overtly and covertly.


Dances with Death – SoulCollage ®

Committee - Dances with Death

Dances with Death

I Am One who dances with death, unafraid. I am in Joy with my faithful companion, who is at my side ever day of my life. We are best friends enjoying the sprinklers and waterfalls of life. I am one who enJoys my life. This card’s gift to me is fearlessness. My gift to the card is Joy.

UPDATE: A fellow SoulCollager, Aimee Shaw, recently wrote an article, Why We Need a Memento Mori card, that speaks to the card I made, and I wanted to share here.

Message from Earth/Body (one-and-the-same) – SoulCollage ®

Committee - Fights Back Defender-Protector: I defend you, whether openly or behind the scenes. I am your Protector. I am both open and closed, in front and behind, barren and rich, desert and grove. I carry a variety of weapons. I am as strong – and as yielding – as a rock. I can be worn and I can withstand the sands or rivers of time. Reminder: you are protected, safe and yielding.

Companion - Owl - Sixth ChakraOwl-Sixth Chakra: I have special eyes to see in the dark, special ways of knowing, to discern Truth. I use my sight and hearing for deep knowing. Reminder: Pay attention to the subtle truth.

Council - Mother Earth

Mother Earth: Death is renewal, rebirth. I am the supreme example of renewal, the living, breathing metaphor of rebirth, cleansing, healing. Fear not my destruction, for I renew more easily than your human-mind can imagine. Reminder: Use your far-seeing to discern the truth of the situation. There is hope.

Shiva – The Destroyer – SoulCollage ®

Shiva - Divine Rage

I Am One Who dances the dance of Life and Death, in whom both are One. I carry the flame of Truth in my hand. My dance is so powerful that the very Earth melts and precious stones are formed. Fear Not! All is in Divine Order.