Time Traveller by Erica Sternin


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The Grandmother comes as soon as I close my eyes. There is no “when” other than this shell that she is holding, Conch? I wonder. Abalone, oyster? No response. Wrong question. She stands on the beach, tangy green wavelets surge … Continue reading

The Spiral Path

Photo credit: Ram Joshi

Photo credit:
Ram Joshi

The path to Healing is a slant path, a curved path, a spiral path. The doctors’ scalpels, their lasers, get straight to the problem. But the body heals in curves.

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Yggdrasil – Tree of The World

Photo Credit: Rune Brimer

Photo Credit: Rune Brimer

The Grandmother had been staring steadily over my right shoulder at my Future for several weeks. Continue reading




The Grandmother wept soundlessly. In this vision she stood in “Australia,” her milky blind eyes lifted to the sky. Rivulet of tears scored her wide cheeks. Weeks passed. Continue reading

The Grandmother

IMG_1194My Internal Healer, an imaginary aboriginal Australian medicine woman, communicates with me through pictures and feelings, but never words. Continue reading


Photo credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

Photo credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

I was pinned into physical stillness by twenty or so slender acupuncture needles. My immobility belied the tornado generated by a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Continue reading

Internal Healer

Photo credit: Iryna Yeroshko

Photo credit: Iryna Yeroshko

Dr. Smith gently guides me, “You are walking on a path in the woods…. Notice the sounds you hear, the smells, anything that you may find on or near the path …” I pace through the forest in my imagination, passing a good sized granite rock. I hear the shifting of leaves and see warm glowing shafts of light through the forest leaves. “Around the next bend in the path you see a clearing, a safe place, warmly lit by sunlight. You arrive there ….”

As I enter the clearing in the woods, I step into a very hot, dusty yard between two huts made of sticks. An aboriginal Australian woman in her 50s crouches in the reddish dirt. Continue reading