Reason for Living


Matt Knoth –  bewick’s wren singing: thryomanes bewickii flickr creative commons

Why live? Why not just be formless energy? Why have bodies, this pain and illness – What is the point of the suffering? Continue reading


Tickling a Fish



tickle by Caroline – flickr creative commons

Being diagnosed with two cancers was like being thrown into a tornado. One minute everything is fine, the next: terror. Continue reading

The Spiral Path

Photo credit: Ram Joshi

Photo credit:
Ram Joshi

The path to Healing is a slant path, a curved path, a spiral path. The doctors’ scalpels, their lasers, get straight to the problem. But the body heals in curves.

Continue reading

Dreaming Into Life

Photo credit: Ratha Grimes

Photo credit: Ratha Grimes

In the morning I sit cross legged with my coffee. In the rain, or the dark, or the ethereal dawn – inhaling the staggering scent of lilies. My counselor said, “watch the places where you go UnConsious,” and my own mind filled in the rest, “because that’s what’s killing you.” Continue reading

Community Heals


The community Heals. The person who is ill is like one cell of a vast organism. Her illness simply expresses a communal imbalance, or “dis-ease.” Continue reading

Yggdrasil – Tree of The World

Photo Credit: Rune Brimer

Photo Credit: Rune Brimer

The Grandmother had been staring steadily over my right shoulder at my Future for several weeks. Continue reading

Healing Trauma

7161066020_ba2a74b95a_oIn Invisible Heroes by Belleruth Naparsteck, she describes the physiological mechanism of trauma; that during trauma the part of the brain that processes language is overridden, and the part of the brain that uses and remembers images is heightened Continue reading

If You Really Knew Me

You would know that:

  1. I am a warrior journeying alone, but companioned by guides, friends and helpers.
  2. I only truly rest when I am outside.
  3. When I talk the most is often when I most crave solitude
  4. There is a neighborhood crow with a dangling leg that keeps an eye on me
  5. I shapeshift. I become animals, trees, rocks and I use what I learn from them to heal.
  6. I was a living human sacrifice in a past life, as I have been in this life.
  7. I always dream in color.
  8. For the past 3 years I mostly dream when I’m awake.
  9. My heart soars and drops, soars and drops when the hummingbirds discover the Mahonia I planted for them.
  10. My fundamental purpose is to be of service.
  11. I am often afraid but equally often courageous.
  12. I swing an axe like nobody’s business.
  13. I have twelve pairs of really truly comfortable, expensive shoes.
  14. I am ready to stop working at my job, but haven’t found the financial pathway to do that yet.
  15. I refused a prognosis when diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. I still don’t know how long I’ve “got.” Neither do you.
  16. I think the sexiest “man parts” are good teeth, twinkly eyes and crinkly smile lines.
  17. I began writing poetry when I was 51 years old.
  18. I know when people are praying for me.
  19. I enter other people’s dreams and teach them things.
  20. Sometimes I teach Buddhist monks use Facebook.
  21. I’m unflinchingly honest – and I’m kind and considerate.
  22. I have an Internal Healer who comes to me as a middle aged Aboriginal woman – she shows me pictures in my head to help me heal.
  23. Every morning I spend an hour outside drinking coffee.
  24. When I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was crying a lot, both of my cats and my dog overcame their differences and sat or leaned on me until I calmed down.
  25. My young nephews used to call me “Aunty Potty Mouth.”