Mat Work


beads of sweat! by rocksee

Seattle, Washington, July 4, Two Dog Yoga Studio

I’m lying on my mat, feet up the “Lotus Wall” meditating on the paintbrush dabs that conspire to create a mural of an opening lotus blossom. At 10 a.m. it is already 83 degrees and NO-one in Seattle has air conditioning. Continue reading


The Lump

Photo: slgckgc

Photo: slgckgc

A month after my 50th birthday I buttoned the shoulder strap of my summer dress and felt a lump at the top of my right breast, about the size of a marshmallow crème egg. Continue reading

Encounter at the Dog Park

Photo Credit: Sergii

Photo Credit: Sergii

She walks with a hesitant gait, still feeble, a peach fuzz hair as soft as cat fur capping her skull.  This is a precise moment, Continue reading