Licorice Creek by Erica Sternin



At least the neighbors mourned;
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Meat Body


Photo: Richard Masoner

Who is this “I?” Surely not the meat body, Continue reading

Dance Partner

Photo credit: David Dodge

Photo credit: David Dodge

Ahhhhh, Death. Here we are you and I, best friends forever.

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Dances with Death – SoulCollage ®

Committee - Dances with Death

Dances with Death

I Am One who dances with death, unafraid. I am in Joy with my faithful companion, who is at my side ever day of my life. We are best friends enjoying the sprinklers and waterfalls of life. I am one who enJoys my life. This card’s gift to me is fearlessness. My gift to the card is Joy.

UPDATE: A fellow SoulCollager, Aimee Shaw, recently wrote an article, Why We Need a Memento Mori card, that speaks to the card I made, and I wanted to share here.

The Lump

Photo: slgckgc

Photo: slgckgc

A month after my 50th birthday I buttoned the shoulder strap of my summer dress and felt a lump at the top of my right breast, about the size of a marshmallow crème egg. Continue reading

Things They Don’t Tell You About Having Cancer

Photo Credit: Macroscopic Solutions

Photo Credit: Macroscopic Solutions

There are a million, million things they don’t tell you about having cancer, about being sick and almost dying and being resurrected, and wondering if it were worth it since you feel like a dirty rug for years afterward. A million things.

They don’t tell you that it smells of sex at the root zone in your garden. Continue reading


Photo Credit: photophilde

Photo Credit: photophilde

The Grandmother stared fixedly over my right shoulder. As usual, I failed to comprehend the lesson. Continue reading