If You Really Knew Me

You would know that:

  1. I am a warrior journeying alone, but companioned by guides, friends and helpers.
  2. I only truly rest when I am outside.
  3. When I talk the most is often when I most crave solitude
  4. There is a neighborhood crow with a dangling leg that keeps an eye on me
  5. I shapeshift. I become animals, trees, rocks and I use what I learn from them to heal.
  6. I was a living human sacrifice in a past life, as I have been in this life.
  7. I always dream in color.
  8. For the past 3 years I mostly dream when I’m awake.
  9. My heart soars and drops, soars and drops when the hummingbirds discover the Mahonia I planted for them.
  10. My fundamental purpose is to be of service.
  11. I am often afraid but equally often courageous.
  12. I swing an axe like nobody’s business.
  13. I have twelve pairs of really truly comfortable, expensive shoes.
  14. I am ready to stop working at my job, but haven’t found the financial pathway to do that yet.
  15. I refused a prognosis when diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. I still don’t know how long I’ve “got.” Neither do you.
  16. I think the sexiest “man parts” are good teeth, twinkly eyes and crinkly smile lines.
  17. I began writing poetry when I was 51 years old.
  18. I know when people are praying for me.
  19. I enter other people’s dreams and teach them things.
  20. Sometimes I teach Buddhist monks use Facebook.
  21. I’m unflinchingly honest – and I’m kind and considerate.
  22. I have an Internal Healer who comes to me as a middle aged Aboriginal woman – she shows me pictures in my head to help me heal.
  23. Every morning I spend an hour outside drinking coffee.
  24. When I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was crying a lot, both of my cats and my dog overcame their differences and sat or leaned on me until I calmed down.
  25. My young nephews used to call me “Aunty Potty Mouth.”



Geometry: Intersections

Photo credit: Convair/General Dynamics Convair Liner Airline Map

Photo credit: Convair/General Dynamics Convair Liner Airline Map

I was a slow learner. Although immobilized on the acupuncture table, I felt restless and frustrated, certain that my Internal Healer could help me, yet not understanding my vision. She stood motionless in a ring, or a hub, of light. For three weeks. Continue reading