Tickling a Fish



tickle by Caroline – flickr creative commons

Being diagnosed with two cancers was like being thrown into a tornado. One minute everything is fine, the next: terror. Continue reading

Left Breast by Erica Sternin


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Flaccid, professionally palpated twice a year, searching for tumors, It is stroked rhythmically, as needed, To sweep pooled lymph fluid toward a new delta. The nipple dares not responds to pleasure. With indrawn breath, it lays low, shrinking from the … Continue reading

Meat Body


Photo: Richard Masoner

Who is this “I?” Surely not the meat body, Continue reading

The Little Things by Erica Sternin


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Our library has two floors, with sixteen stairs between them. “Nothing That is Not For My Good Can Enter Here” I chant Sixteen times, pushing my golden force field  past my finger tips, As I rise, nauseous, to serve the … Continue reading