Licorice Creek by Erica Sternin



At least the neighbors mourned;
No one should die alone Continue reading


Shape Poem by Erica Sternin

Erica Eight

I was eight and still cherished, and beloved, and the principal Continue reading

Time Traveller by Erica Sternin


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The Grandmother comes as soon as I close my eyes. There is no “when” other than this shell that she is holding, Conch? I wonder. Abalone, oyster? No response. Wrong question. She stands on the beach, tangy green wavelets surge … Continue reading

Reason for Living


Matt Knoth –  bewick’s wren singing: thryomanes bewickii flickr creative commons

Why live? Why not just be formless energy? Why have bodies, this pain and illness – What is the point of the suffering? Continue reading

Tickling a Fish



tickle by Caroline – flickr creative commons

Being diagnosed with two cancers was like being thrown into a tornado. One minute everything is fine, the next: terror. Continue reading

Alchemy by Erica Sternin


The part of me that was once moist,
The ground where the spring wells
Through the Earth – That part of me –
Gone… She’s a dried up mud flat,
Cracked hard pan.
Croning – is not juicy. Not moist.
More like hammered steel: forged, flattened, and

Wicked strong.