Licorice Creek by Erica Sternin


At least the neighbors mourned;
No one should die alone
In the woods by the the creek
Behind the Safeway.
Grampa and the kids and the dog found him,
There was blood and bugs
They said on Facebook. A homeless man
Died alone in the woods,
And only the neighbors mourned.


8 thoughts on “Licorice Creek by Erica Sternin

  1. Beautiful poem, brief, concise and heartfelt. It needs only a little bit more to turn a faceless man into something more, a person who touches us all. What did he say as he died? How did he die with neighbors by his side? Just needs a little ‘fleshing out’, but this is beautiful sentiment…



      • mansplaining? what is condescending or patronizing here? and I’m a long-time male feminist-supporter, so it isn’t that I have any interest in patriarchy……

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      • The commentor suggested that the poem needed a little fleshing out, but that it was “otherwise” a beautiful sentiment. Pompous unsolicited critique. He’s welcome to his opinion, he may very well be correct, and I found the tone and content of that sentence condescending. Perhaps it was unintentional.

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      • now I understand just what you were responding to…..I missed it (sorry šŸ˜Œ)…..yes, the “otherwise” was snarky. and, yes, “pompous unsolicited critique”, which is basic to “mansplaining”……as I re-read it, the tone and content was very much condescending…..and this is just not the way I’m used to talking (and commenting) on blogs and Facebook friends and everywhere. As a 70 year old man, it took me awhile to learn to listen better and to talk carefully with consideration……I think your points were well-taken and I appreciated hearing them….all the best to you!


      • The commentor “Sean,” gave me a whole bunch of critique about how to improve the piece. Quite possibly totally good advice, but since it was unsolicited, it came off as condescending and patronizing to me.

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  2. so beautiful—I am moved by Jena Schwartz talking about keeping gloves, hats and blankets in her car during the cold days and stopping with her children and going out and offering them to needy and homeless people…..this is the truest compassion, just doing it…..


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