Reason for Living


Matt Knoth –  bewick’s wren singing: thryomanes bewickii flickr creative commons

Why live? Why not just be formless energy? Why have bodies, this pain and illness – What is the point of the suffering?

The purpose of living is the enjoyment of the absolute sensual beauty of this Earth place. Revel in it, it is so AWE-some, it is sweeeeeeeetly filled with birds, and breezes, and the surging breath of the waves on the beach, and the warm weight of a cat on my lap, and the scent of the soil awakening in Spring.
All that.
We can experience that physical gorgeousness only with our mortal senses. With our bodies that betray us by puking and putrefying, these bodies that pain us. Suffering is the flip side of the coin. One cannot exist without the other.

I accept the suffering, rather than rejecting it, because I love the sweetness, and I can’t have the one without the other.


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