On the Occasion of Your Fortieth Birthday

Photo: Jennifer Patterson Lohman

Photo: Jennifer Patterson Lohman

You told me sadly that you are noticing body changes, and feeling anxious about things yet undone on your To Do List, and that you sense you are running out of time…

We are guaranteed nothing, especially not a span of time to “accomplish” a thing. Especially since you’ll be hit by a car on your coffee break.This is your moment. Now.

There are a million million possible lifetimes shifting and rearranging themselves in response to your every thought and action, and not just yours, but every atom and particle and element of the universe is involved in this complex dancing web – in some lifetimes you are already dead, in some you don’t enjoy coffee, in some you live into your 80s. Endless, endless possibilities – and each moment, each thought and action influences the web of possibilities.

You act as if you have a  future: and more amusingly, as if you have a say in it. You go to your job so that you can pay your rent – Everyone agrees, this is Real. It starts to seem Real. Think again.

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one. — Albert Einstein

The Real thing is the kind word, a gentle touch, the frisson of creative excitement, a hug, a quiet moment in the garden, moving our bodies, even so gently as with one single breath, calling a loved one — anything, Any.Thing, that connects us to Source. In this moment, right now, brakes squealing, before the impact of the grille buckles your knees – this moment is all that matters.


2 thoughts on “On the Occasion of Your Fortieth Birthday

  1. I first found your writing on the Soul Collage website, about the elephants. I was deeply moved by your experience. I followed the link to your blog and began “binge reading”. You are right on and I wish I had you for a friend. Your wisdom is hard earned and tremendous. A sage.


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