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Dances with Death

I Am One who dances with death, unafraid. I am in Joy with my faithful companion, who is at my side ever day of my life. We are best friends enjoying the sprinklers and waterfalls of life. I am one who enJoys my life. This card’s gift to me is fearlessness. My gift to the card is Joy.

UPDATE: A fellow SoulCollager, Aimee Shaw, recently wrote an article, Why We Need a Memento Mori card, that speaks to the card I made, and I wanted to share here.


4 thoughts on “Dances with Death – SoulCollage ®

  1. This is a fascinating card – embracing healing, the journeys each and every day, the smallest of the small, to the largest ones of all – for each ending is a death and yet it heralds new beginnings, as new beginnings will eventually bring forth death, endings.

    The combination of the images, the layers, the colours, the placements, the interactions within this card are truly fascinating. And yes, this is definitely a card that, clearly, as created by your hands, holds personal meaning, but I have to say, I am attracted to it because of the sense of JOY and peace and celebration I feel when looking at it. And certainly, if I were to create this type of card my imagery and vocabulary and energy would translate differently, I know quite differently, and perhaps this is why I feel so attracted to this card. It is truly wonderful.

    Thank you for taking the time to cruise around a bit in my space and to share the link back here 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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      • I’ve only recently read your story, or some of it, and so I can appreciate how it must have seemed to be surprising, given all you had/have been living with; perhaps the truth is, the inner truth that so often is out voiced, is that we know instinctively, and from a place of intuition, how to heal our spirits, to affirm life and accept death, and so everything we experience is a challenge to serve as lessons. At any rate, given the very difficult and well, unpleasant wouldn’t even begin to describe it, situation – for whatever reasons you created this card, the meaning and strength and joy it brings? All good – part of healing.

        Be well 🙂


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