Photo credit: Hands by Carlotta Roma

Photo credit: Hands by Carlotta Roma

My body is an expression of the Earth Body. Reflecting her, because I AM Her, I express Healing and Dis-Ease as she does.

 “Suddenly the cancer that was in me was the cancer that is everywhere. The cancer of cruelty, the cancer of greed…. The cancer from the stress of not achieving enough, the cancer of buried trauma… The cancer in fast-paced must-make-it-have-it-smoke-it-own-it formaldehydeasbestospesticideshairdyecigarettescellphonesnow.”

Eve Ensler – In the Body of the World

The Earth heals. Her time frame is unfathomable to humans, with our gnat-like life spans. Cooling and warming. This isn’t the first time that she’s been through climate change and mass extinctions.

“…Focus on perceiving the divine light of the Earth instead of seeing the Earth as toxic and ill. We need to surrender the outcome of the evolutionary process that is in motion…. Holding a vision and dreaming into being the world we wish to live in while surrendering the outcome is a paradox we must learn to dance.”

Sandra Ingerman –  Speaking With Nature.

Of course, at first I wanted nothing more than a cure of the cancer that aggressively moved through my body. I wanted to be reassured that I would die of something else, and a long time from now. I wanted to be told that the cancer was all gone, never to come back. I wanted to determine the outcome of my course of treatment, to be the master of my fate. I wanted a Cure, dammit! Eve Ensler muses:

 “Cure is a big word, an extreme, unsubstantiated word…It indicates you are American and stupidly optimistic with a ridiculous candounabletofaceeternaldarkness attitude…. Cure is an insult to well-disciplined minds and intelligence in general.”

Eve Ensler – In The Body of The World

I say: study the rocks. EmBody them, become the canyon carved by a river, or a pebble, the ejecta from a now-extinct volcano. The Rock People are the Earth’s historians, her autobiographers. You’ll notice that geologic time is indifferent to the demands of a petulant human citizenry. Our concerns about the next decade, the next century, they are too fleeting to be noticeable.

There is no promised cure for me, but I may walk a Healing Path. I may make choices for Healing, so that’s what I do. As Ingerman instructs, I hold the vision, and dream into being the life I wish to live. I trust that the new way of living perhaps influences the outcome, that I live cancer-free, or maybe not. Either way, I am Healed and so is She.


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