40 Watts – Ericle Cards

Photo: Chris Tengi

Photo: Chris Tengi

You must learn energy conservation. A 100 watt bulb is fabulous for particular tasks, but uses a lot of energy and is unpleasantly bright. Constantly working at your outer limit is not sustainable; you end up burned out. 40 watts gives a warm and pleasant illumination for most activities and conserves energy as well.

Practice working at 40% most of the time and turn on the 100 watt bulb only as a task light. Consider ways to conserve energy in your life.


1 thought on “40 Watts – Ericle Cards

  1. Thank you for this. It is life-affirming, maybe healing (I’m pretty sure it is). When I did my 37 years as a psychotherapist, I always kept the lights pretty low in my offices, because people were bringing in emotionally-charged pain and it would hit me and I would also need to calm my way into it and listen carefully and, at times, respond in a non-intrusive, non-upsetting way. sometimes I had to work in a clinic office, not often, where there would be overhead fluorescent lights on and it was terribly intrusive, like an interrogation at the police department. I even had a few people that got bad side effects from the lights, knew about them, and would ask me to turn them off, which i gladly did and we talked in whatever light came in from the windows. So there is a lot behind this gentle approach. I deeply wish our greed-obsessed culture here in the USA could learn the lesson to go gently with nature and allow it to develop as it is able to so well, instead of the vast destructiveness happening now.


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