The Grandmother wept soundlessly. In this vision she stood in “Australia,” her milky blind eyes lifted to the sky. Rivulet of tears scored her wide cheeks. Weeks passed.

Why is she crying? Is she crying because I am going to die of cancer? Frantic, terrorized, only the needles kept me from jumping off the acupuncture table and running around the block. I felt like swinging a bat and breaking windows. Anything to burn off the fear.

Unresponsive to my anxiety,The Grandmother gave me not even one glance, not a gesture, no change in expression, for weeks. Just tears running down her face.

Eventually, I realized she wasn’t crying about me, not me personally. As usual, I was asking the wrong questions. I watched her bluish, blinded eyes leaking tears.They soaked into my chemically burned body as I reviewed her previous lessons.

We are connected by hubs and spokes of energy…. Energetically, we are connected… Ah! The puzzle pieces fell into place.The cancer is an expression of a disease the land is experiencing. She’s crying for the planet. As I heal, our planet heals, as our planet heals, I am healed!


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