Geometry: Intersections

Photo credit: Convair/General Dynamics Convair Liner Airline Map

Photo credit: Convair/General Dynamics Convair Liner Airline Map

I was a slow learner. Although immobilized on the acupuncture table, I felt restless and frustrated, certain that my Internal Healer could help me, yet not understanding my vision. She stood motionless in a ring, or a hub, of light. For three weeks.

Finally, a new vision! This time the Aboriginal woman stood as usual, upright, in profile, still naked, hands at her sides, her face still expressionless, with the same impenetrable black space as a background, motionless in her ring of light. But this time there were rays, like spokes, of light radiating from the hub. Instantly, I understood that I also, stood in a hub of energy. With a jolt, I heard the voice of my high school geometry teacher from 35 years ago: “two lines that are not parallel will intersect”.

I understood that my internal healer and I are always, regardless of time or place, connected.No matter where I stand, or where she stands, the energy from our hubs will eventually intersect somewhere in space/time.

For the first time in months I was comforted, knowing that I had a guide to journey with me through the terrifying ordeal I was facing. Over the next several weeks, I saw that each person, and not just people, but all life, every being, stands in an energy hub and is energetically connected to every other iota of matter.

On my mental movie screen, I saw all the connections among all living beings. It looked like a huge airline  map, with lines of light between everyone and everything in the world.


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